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Learning is the

path to success.

The mission of B.LEARNING is to provide the highest quality individual and small group English teaching and executive coaching anywhere. 

The Mission

Blearning mission

The Task


Welcome to B.Learning. Here I create highly personalized online, face-to-face or mini-group study programs based on your immediate situation as well as your horizon goals.  My focus is always on preparing you for real-life professional or private socialization. I am passionate about helping you become an active, confident participant in your actual discourse communities.



      Client first

      Relevance for the learner
      Developing constantly
      Building confidence
blearning ESL

The Expertise 

  • Business and Conversational English
  • Task Prioritization
  • Work Stress Management
  • Interview/Presentation Training
  • Motivational Psychology 
  • Corporate workshops 
  • Business and Personal Writing
  • Russian all levels
blearning skype
B.Learning on Skype
Active communication with a native English speaker is the key to accelerating your English skills.  Skype sessions are a great way to do this.  Frequent verbal exchanges provide a challenging live platform to improve your fluency.  Skype practice offers you regular conversation situations where you will speak English comfortably and freely on subjects important to you.
You will practice sounding more natural and eloquent because our active conversation will increase your speaking reaction time.  You will be able to pause our session to ask as many questions as you’d like.
You will actively practice critical parts of speech such as phrasal verbs, idioms, slang and colloquialisms and use them in relevant context.  Additionally, you will receive immediate grammar feedback as often as you’d like.  
You will get results that you can immediately apply in your real-life discourse because you will choose the topics you want to discuss.
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The Right Choice

With nine years of teaching and twenty three years of corporate experience, I consistently strive to build the skill sets required of my clients.  Each client with their individual objectives is handled personally from the very start.  Understanding these objectives guarantees you personalized learning sessions and course work. 

We will make regular assessments in Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. This way we can continuously identify specific needs and measure your progress. Every two months you will take a small controlled exam to measure your progress.  After those exams and our discussion, we will set our new action plans for continued improvement.   


I will continually provide you out of class of resources that will help you further and enhance our sessions.  Once you begin with me, you will be learning and improving every day.  In addition, I will be available to you anytime through email, Skype, or messaging.   This is much more than a once or twice a week process.


I am totally committed to presenting you realistic, satisfying - and enjoyable - steps to achieving your individual learning goals and resolving your challenges.  My method is highly consultative. Only when you achieve your goals do I achieve mine. 


The Experience

Blearning English
"Bruce is the best in the business. In just a few short months he was able to teach me crucial collocations relevant to my work and a way of conversing and writing that has greatly improved my career and personal life."
                                                                - Daniel, Citibank
Blearning Bruce C.

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The Focus

B.Learning focuses on the lives of its learners.  The language that we use will be highly relevant to you.  The activities and course of study is primarily be conversation-driven but the learning integrates out of class reading, writing and active listening. 


Together we will establish a classroom dynamic which provides a confidence building experience.  You will make proactive  contributions to our study sessions and be challenged with a stimulating variety of inspiring language situations.