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I am fortunate enough to have had teachers and business mentors who positively shaped my consciousness and personality. Today I want to be a difference in people's lives myself.  Teaching and coaching are my true calling and I would be honored to share them with you.
With nine years of teaching and twenty three years of corporate experience, I consistently strive to build the skill sets required of my clients.  Each client with their individual objectives is handled personally from the very start.
Understanding these objectives guarantees you personalized learning sessions and course work. You are guaranteed round-the-clock access to me for emergency consultations, advice sessions or stress management.  ​
I am totally committed to presenting you realistic, satisfying, and enjoyable steps to achieving your individual learning goals and resolving your challenges. My method is highly consultative. Only when you achieve your goals do I achieve mine. 
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Bruce N. Chelemer

Founder, Teacher, Coach

I am a dedicated teacher of English as a second language and success coach with seven years of experience providing instruction and support to non-native English learners who want to improve conversational fluency in preparation for real-life language use. I adapt instruction methods to each client’s situation and personality, with strong emphasis on meaningful, communicative discourse.  I am highly skilled at relaxing individuals and groups to forge a dynamic, open atmosphere of learning.

I bring twenty-five years of senior management in the corporate world to my teaching and can advise you on career direction, job transitions, and work pressures.  I continuously motivate students and clients through tapping into our real-life experiences, current situations, and positive reinforcement.  I make sure that learning is always enjoyable and rewarding.

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